~The Fate of that Blood~ JoJo’s Read-Along and Giveaway

The time has come that Senpai Coast to Coast joins the fray. Some call it fate, I call it providence. Either way, I’ve been thinking long and hard of how I would cover JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on the show. I realized it was too vast to simply ‘review’, it needed something more – it deserved something more. Finally, nearly 30 years later, Phantom Blood, the first part, has been published into English. Now is the time to celebrate that.


To do so, there will be a great read-along and giveaway. Everyone should read the manga however they see fit, posting the iconic moments, favorite scenes, and best poses under both #JoJo and #PBpt1. Those who participate will be in the running to win the entirety of Phantom Blood. Yes – all three volumes, free, courtesy of Senpai Coast to Coast. But that’s just the beginning of it; those who go the extra mile will be rewarded. Reenact you favorite pose from your most beloved character, post it under #JoJo and #PBpt1 and the best pose will win the album from the band that character is named after. I have a feeling I’ll be shipping a lot of Dio albums before this is through…

Everything starts September 20th. All you have to do is manage a volume per week, a little more than a chapter per day. Just follow the schedule on the image:

Sep 26th – Volume 1

Oct 3rd – Volume 2

Oct 10th – Volume 3

Oct 17th – Volume 4

Oct 24th – Volume 5

Oct 31st – Catch up and Podcast announcing the winner

Any questions can be directed to me on Twitter.

And make sure to spread the word to all your JoJo’s friends. Twitter is really good at channeling the ripple, trust me. If we get enough people in on this, I’ll beef up the amount of prizes, meaning more chances for you to win, meaning more JoJo’s to go around. Just make sure to breathe.

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