Podcast Episode 10 – Concurrency of Evangelion

“At school, your tests only have one right answer, and you might only get half points or zero if you put the wrong answer. But in what we call “the real word”, things aren’t so black and white, so you should think about things for yourself and express them in words or pictures. This is how you communicate with people – with other people. Please value that.” ~H. Anno ‘Extra-Curricular-Lesson

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Episode 7 – The Works of Man

I know I haven’t written anything for a while, updates aside. With the transition of audio, I’ve neglected the project I started – and that’s no good. But a lot has happened since last time I posted, and there is plenty to speak on. I guess, in some sort of weird way, this comes as being more timely than ever. Read More

Episode 6 – Shutdown in Tokyo III

I mentioned before the absence of Evangelion Q in my repertoire – I have fixed this. Closer to the topic at hand, the final volume of the Evangelion manga has finally made its way to store shelves . It’s great to see the series come to an end; it’s been a long time coming. I rushed over to my local Kinokuniya Books when the Japanese release hit shelves, skipping right to the back for what effectively is the ‘Mari origin story’ of sorts. Three months later I was back, getting the English version so I could read the damn thing. It’d been a long time coming. Read More