Podcast Episode 13 – Bakemonogatari Part 3

“To me, June 13th is a date of commemoration. At least, it should be. It has nothing to do with the bloomers or the school swimsuit. It began with a question from my girlfriend, Senjougahara Hitagi, who I’ve been going out with since last month. Mother’s Day. May 14.

“We’re going on a date.”

This was during lunch break on the appointed day. She abruptly said this while we were having a seemingly friendly lunch on the courtyard bench. I was so surprised that I dropped the egg omelet that I was holding in my chopsticks.

Huh? What did this woman just say?”

~Nisio Isin ‘Bakemonogatari’ via Bakatsuki

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Podcast Episode 13 – Bakemonogatari Part 2

“She was not particularly tall. Her physical condition was not all that different from a normal high school girl. If anything, she was a little petite and slender. Graceful was about the perfect word for her.

However, Kanbaru Suruga could jump.

Last year, due to a bit of socializing, I had just once seen a bit of a game she played in. She had quickly and nimbly slipped past (or rather, right through) the opposing team’s defenses and easily landed a slam dunk just like that shounen manga that had once swept across Japan. She had calmly and easily done it over and over again with the invigorating smile of a sports girl. As she did it dozens of times, she had truly seemed to be enjoying it. How many high schoolers get to see someone dunk in a girls basketball game where shooting with both hands is the norm? Even as a spectator, I had been overwhelmed. I had been unable to continue to watch the poor opposing players who had lost all motivation due to also being overwhelmed. I distinctly remember having no choice but to leave because it was so hard to watch.”

~Nisio Isin ‘Bakemonogatari’ via Bakatsuki

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Podcast Episode 12 – The Boy and the Beast: Life and Love in Motion

“People easily ignore what the most important or cherished things are in their day-to-day lives. By incorporating science fiction and fantasy elements, audiences are more likely to discover what they don’t notice normally. I hope audiences can see beyond spectacular visual effects and see what’s most important value for themselves. ”

~Mamoru Hosoda (July 15th, 2013) via ANN

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