Guest Spot on APOSS – Kabaneri

Mental wounds not healing
Life’s a bitter shame
I’m goin’ off the rails on a crazy train!

~ Ozzy Osborn


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Opening Theme: Some Version of Bloody Tears from Castlevania

Ending Theme: Toonami Deep Space Bass

– Ticket to Ride on Titan –

David J. Majors

The founder of,‘professional podcaster’ is only one of the hats that DJM wears to cover that bald head of his. He is the host of APOSS, or Anime Podcast of Some Sort, along with many other shows. He’s been on my show back during Mech Month, something that needs to happen more.

Twitter | Delta Juliet Mike Media | APOSS – Anime Podcast of Some Sort

With all the recent talk against Kabaneri and other shows this season, I felt this would make a good addition to the feed. I felt the actual tone of voice and free flow of emotion might help clarify where I stand when it comes to this ‘hatred’ of a Japanese cartoon. hey, but then again, I do take anime way too seriously.

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