Gintama: Life Lessons After 50 Episodes


When watching anime, light up the room, and leave some distance between the TV and yourself!

~ Ginpachi Sensei

gintama face animator

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Opening Theme: Gintama Song by Gintama the Character

Ending Theme: Gintama Song by Gintama the Character

– Neo Armstrong Jet Cyclone Armstrong Cannon –


Host of the first Gintama podcast and founder of the SSAA (Ass Backwards Anime) Podcast. My first listener and podcasting mentor. To quote a line from his website, ‘He was doing it before it was cool’. Doctor is a man of many talents, TIGER UPPERCUT one of them being the Super Saiyan levels of editing he is capable of editing that mortal men and sound gods envy (I among them). Ask Doc about any show, he’s seen it – twice actually.

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Host of the second Gintama podcast. Ask him about any manga, he’ll talk you into reading it, and also show you where to get it – legally of course. He still hasn’t seen Yu Yu Hakusho. He looks great in shirts. He edits long podcasts. Like, really long podcasts. He still needs to see Lupin too.

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So it’s been a year and some change, and even though this episode is about me and my journey through the first 50 (actually 48) episodes of Gintama, if you’re really listening, what you’re hearing is the growth of friendship between the three of us. Podcasting anime anime have lead all three of us to this moment. Think about that. Cue Gintama sentimental music.

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