Why Anime?

In my mind, the question ‘Why?’ is perhaps the most powerful question a person can ask. Three letters can be uttered in a single breath, and they throw everything into question. Entire conversations of complex and delicate explanation collapse under the weight of ‘Why?’; under the demands that they justify themselves solely on their own merit. ‘Why?’ is perhaps the simplest question so often left unanswered – not that it cannot be answered, but it is deeply personal.

But first let’s ask ‘why this article?’ Thankfully, the answer is simple; it’s been a full year since I started Senpai Coast to Coast. And to me, it feels like quite an achievement. I mean, sure, I have run other podcasts before this one, even had a writing gig in high school; the territory is nothing new, but the feeling of success doesn’t stem from that.  I started this blog while going through a transition in life. In all honestly, Senpai was an attempt to get back to roots, to latch on to something I knew. Just before I started podcasting again, I was on the other side of all that negativity. So to see it still standing, it doesn’t just say ‘nice podcast, boy’ – in many ways it signifies that the changes I made were the right ones.

That’s the ‘why’ behind this article – as a thank you and quiet reflection.

This post has been moved to Wave Motion Cannon.


  1. Arria Cross · November 21, 2015

    Great post! It’s very refreshing to read an insightful post like this one once in a while from the mountains if anime reviews I often read. Keep it up & I hope that you watch more anime. Cheers!


  2. TheSubtleDoctor · November 23, 2015

    A statement of purpose, well-formed. I very much enjoyed reading this.

    Happy birthday SC2C!!!

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  3. brianwuzhere · November 23, 2015

    Funny enough, I just watched an animated short that saw success where a film’s attempt at the scene had failed, but I’ll tweet about it later.
    [“Just like in the movies” is really an ironic phrase. Movies are grounded in reality. People sometimes cannot tell the difference and instead overwrite reality with the reality of film. “Based on a true story” is read “A true story.” The experience is that powerful.]
    It started with the Ebert quote, but this really reminded me of Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. Give it a go if you get a chance and here’s to another year, I hope.

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