Podcast Episode 13 – Bakemonogatari Part 1

“In the corner of the room, Senjougahara always read by herself. Sometimes it would be a hard cover book, but sometimes it would be one of those manga that lower your IQ. She seemed to be quite indiscriminate in her choice of books. Maybe because she reads anything with words, though there may be quality in her choice in books. ”

~Nisio Isin ‘Bakemonogatari’ via Bakatsuki


I’ve been wanting to do a show on Bakemonogatari for a long time. It aired in July, 2009. I started podcasting in April of that same year. For me, it’s been a long, long time. And now I finally get to do it, in a form far more grand than I anticipated.

This is part one. And for good reason. Due to the length of the conversation The Subtle Doctor and I had, I had to split it into three parts (tentative but likely) in order to cover the show properly. As such, it’s getting the grand treatment – this show deserves it. So please enjoy what I present as my enjoyment personified in sound. Don’t stutter or bite your tongue.

And I got a chance to talk with someone who was there.

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Opening Theme: Koi no HEAT WAVE by Granrodeo

Ending Theme: Kunimichi 127-go Sen no Shiroki Inazumi by Kishidan

– Hitagi Crab & Mayoi Snail-

The Subtle Doctor

DISCLAIMER: Gattai Milk is not a real website (somebody get on that). However, ray][out is, and you should check it out – especially The Subtle Doctor’s analysis on Bakemonogatari. In my book, he’s a pronounced Twittarian, yet still remains on the subtle side with his ‘ramshackle blog and low follower count’ – maybe you can help him out with that. It was his initial watching of Bakemongatari that made me start rewatching Monogatari (or Monogats to some), so in a way, he can be blamed for all of this.

A parallel to the more recent SHAFT show, Nisekoi. I also did an episode on that.

Shinbo is a master cinema craftsman. Please stop and read Jexihus’ article on the man’s style through his rewatch of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Be sure to stay in touch either through Twitter or by subscribing for the following, concluding parts!

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