Guest Spot: The Manga Corner

Wanna hear some manga? Well, you can’t because manga is a print only medium limited to shades of black and white. And you read it backwards. But if you want to hear a podcast where I talk about One Punch Man and My Hero Academia then you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what this is. mc_opm_mhaColton asked me to guest on the latest episode of the Manga Corner, and I was happy to oblige. It’s a show better than it’s network, so I wanted to spare you the visit to the site and just let you to the goods. I assume you all are no strangers to my friend, Colton. He does a great job on many projects, and I feel special to be included in this one, a super manga cross-up.

Download (right click and save as) | iTunes | Stitcher | | Twitter

I myself have plans for releasing other episodes in the near future, the continuing coverage of Anime Weekend Atlanta, as well as a coming Mech Month. Stay tuned for more updates. Also, as you may have noticed through a recent watch-through of Bakemonogatari, there will be a two part (maybe more) episode coming your way on top of it all. You are not prepared.

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