Podcast Episode 10 – Concurrency of Evangelion

“At school, your tests only have one right answer, and you might only get half points or zero if you put the wrong answer. But in what we call “the real word”, things aren’t so black and white, so you should think about things for yourself and express them in words or pictures. This is how you communicate with people – with other people. Please value that.” ~H. Anno ‘Extra-Curricular-Lesson


It’s a wonderful thing when you can positively affect the fandom of another. There have been times when I hear back from you, the listener, leaving kinda words of gratitude about my show. It means a lot to me. But these guests, SailorStardust and SommenRider, have done the same for me, and for that I can only thank them. Their project, the Concurrency of the End of Evangelion, is a masterpiece of fandom. We want to share that with you.

Download (right click and save as) | iTunes | Stitcher | Ask.fm | Twitter

Opening Theme: WELCOME TO THE TOKYO III JAZZ CLUB by Shirou Sagisu off “Evangelion Piano Forte”

Ending Theme: Peaceful Times by Shirou Sagisu off “2012-Music from EVANGELION  3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO”

00:03:43 – Discussion


Arranged and scripted the Concurrency project by the power of the moon. SailorStardust began the project on the EvaGeek Forums Mon Dec 25, 2006 6:50PM (that’s the post date anyway). She is also an stalwart SailorMoon fan, and has an entire Twitter dedicated to it. She also is the creator of several visual novels. Follow her on Twitter for great Eva content.


Video editor of the project. Helps fansub Kamen Rider for OverTime. Sommen also hosts the podcast Henshinanigans (clever name by the way) where the topic of choice is tokusatsu. He is also part of the website Switch On Please. You can find him on his personal Tumblr. Follow him on Twitter for the latest updates of KamenRider subs. Oh, and here’s the ass mentioned who tried to sound smart on the internet.

You can download the latest version of the project here. I suggest you do, it is well worth your time. As for other Evangelion related content, I am running the #EvangelionTimeline, posting the events of the series as they happen date by date. Be sure to read the Understanding Evangelion pieces on this site as well (as I try to keep up) for history about the series as well as a thematic and cinematic analysis episode by episode. Best wishes and Peaceful Times! つづく

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