Bonus: Life Lessons Episode 35 – Mr. The Edo

The first ever Senpai Coast to Coast bonus content! I visited as of late the Life Lessons: Gintama Manga Podcast run by my dear friend Colton. We talk about Gintama… just in case that wasn’t clear…

‘But wait, I didn’t know Josh watched Gintama!’ is what you are about to say, well, that’s because you don’t follow me on Twitter! Well, anyway, we talk about the space invasion of cockroaches err I mean cockroach invasion from space no, no, no, The Invasion of Space Cockroaches! Yeah, that’s it…

Download (right click and save as) | iTunes | Stitcher | | Twitter

Now kids, do not listen to this episode too loud or in the dark. That being said, Nabe Shogun (Colton) runs a great show, and was kind enough to let me on for the cockroach episode. Please follow him on the Twitter, and show him lots of love. You can also find him on the Manga Corner and show him some love. (Hey you didn’t edit that part out!)

But in all seriousness, Japanese cockroaches are nothing to laugh at:

Yup, there’s that. So enjoy this wonderful show and please visit Colton’s original site. I loved being on the show. Thank you, bud.

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